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Agile in Education USA

Team Spirit

[We are agile educators with a promise to deliver quality education and employability skills]

Classroom, whiteboard, bench, marker; explore the ambiance with inanimate objects and then feel the presence of life that makes the objects move, listen to the noises towards each of the living elements, interactions; filling up of empty spaces as air particles do. Silence has limited existence in a classroom. Let us go back to childhood tiffin breaks, those used to be so short and never enough! Getting back to the classroom would require the sudden shifting of mindset from the freeness of spirit to shutting down the excitement to get back to the inanimate world of the classroom with mostly one-sided interactions. Traditional thoughts consider freedom of speech in a classroom as chaos. Let us think closely about how eager souls liberate themselves; exactly when they express themselves. If we combine the eagernesses of souls, we would be able to listen to the hearts, we would be able to witness the inception of so many new discoveries while at infancy. So consider if we would, as educators, invite the chaos of working together, encourage the forming of common goals, drive the reaching of targets as groups, we would be igniting the positive spirit of nurturing, empowering and rejuvenating altogether. Working together nourishes the sense of empathy among peers, encourages cooperative attitude and the end product reflects the satisfaction of each of the members involved. 

Education Agility emphasis on learning agility, teaching agility, and student agility, which targets to impart responsiveness and a sense of responsibility in individuals by making them feel accountable to the team. This spirit motivates towards continuous improvement in learning and delivery. 

Let’s Co-Create the Future of Education