Keynote Speaker: Hana Siddiquee

Conference Chair

Hana Siddiquee (who describes herself as an ‘eternal student’) is a Business Faculty and a program developer at the City University of New York (CUNY). She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses including Management Science, Business Analytics, Information Systems Project Management, Business Management Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. She has developed MBA in Project Management program and has designed Project Management, Agile Project Management, Project Cost and Risk Analysis, and Business Marketing Analytics graduate courses at a reputable university.

She is a pioneer in the use of Agile Teaching and Learning Methodology (ATLM) and has implemented a few Agile Scrum Instructional methods in higher education. She is the only post-secondary educator in the USA to implement such teaching methods in more than fifteen graduate and undergraduate courses by the year 2020. Currently, she is conducting research in the topics of Agile Leadership in Higher Education, eduScrum in Higher Education, and L-EAF in Higher Education and Scaling in the Classroom. She is also doing research in Experiential Team Building with Scrum, and Alleviating Poverty through Innovative Educational Programs.

Hana is the former Executive Board Member at the Boston University Agile Innovation Lab, and is the co-creator and director of BU Agile in Education. Her duties and responsibilities, together with establishing the organization’s mission and the vision, was to govern the transforming education with modern teaching methods and innovative educational programs. 

She is also one of the team leaders and research partner at the L-EAF.org Learning Education Agility Framework. She co-created the L-EAF Higher Education Learning Kanban, and has contributed towards ‘teaching agility’ and ‘student agility pillars of the framework. She has developed and conducted L-EAF’s first implementation of Scaling in the Classroom in the Fall 2020 semester. Her commitment to the transformation of education and passion for the value of Agility is regarded as a great asset to the growth of L-EAF.

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