A child is born without having any knowledge on the destination of its own self. As much as a child’s or an entity’s fate is determined by the surrounding and upbringing, self-realization and exposure also play crucial roles in driving an entity towards a goal or a cause. Cognitive development in human kinds has several domains to address that contributes towards reflection and improvisation. Each of the domains in the learning process would be only nourished with holistic perspective as long as the proper skills are inculcated in an adequately innovative approach.

Alleviation, in its very nature, drives out all the intricacies that accompany ignorance, need, dissatisfaction, pessimism and all synonymous negativities. Poverty is just another status that defines the limitation of an entity and a nation as well as an individual strives towards overcoming this status to join the empowered pool. Education nurtures skills, opens and develops cognitive sectors, facilitates self-empowerment through building up of self-confidence. An empowered entity would never fall in short on a poverty scale and will find his/her way out from negativities. In this process of self-development, innovative nurturing and delivery add towards the expansion.

BohniShikha, in its inception aims to achieve in connecting the missing links that are seldom realized in an entity’s journey towards development and empowerment.

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