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Speaker: Clay Hess

Agile Methodologies in Postsecondary Curriculum Development

Is curriculum development an enjoyable experience in higher education?  What is the cost, quality, and satisfaction with the curriculum development process?  Can Agile methodologies be the solution? Let’s look at the usage of Agile in the curriculum development process and how it can make curriculum (and students) better.

Bio: After earning his BA in International Management and French from Simpson College (Iowa, US), Clay Hess began working in the IT industry. He began his career by working for a large software company in the Silicon Valley in Northern California.

When the dot-com boom occurred, he received a promotion to the role of the organization’s Senior Developer in their eBusiness division overseeing development, design, implementation and support for application solutions. It was during this time that he developed a passion for web technologies and Agile as his team was the pilot for Scrum. 

During his tenure there, he earned his MBA with an emphasis in eTechnology from Columbia Southern University. Along the way, he became a Full-Stack Developer. 

After working there for several years, he ventured out on his own to start a boutique design and development firm. It was during this time that Clay became acquainted with working in higher education when he began serving as an adjunct at Northcentral Technical College (NTC). Clay discovered that he had a passion for not just technology, but teaching as well.

Clay has been teaching at NTC full-time since 2013 and oversees their web and mobile programs. While working at NTC, Clay went on to earn his doctorate from Bethel University and continues to maintain his Scrum Master certification (CSM). His doctorate focused on the usage of Agile methodologies in curriculum development.

Clay has a passion for learning and technology…not just for the ‘cool-ness’ factor, but for the way they improve lives. Recently, he has been helping to launch a college in the Republic of South Africa, including the usage of Agile Scrum.