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3rd Agile in Education Global Conference

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  • November 10, 2021November 10, 2021
THEME: Empower Innovative Education for the Digital Era

Description: This conference will ignite the necessity of and demonstrate the successful global applications of innovative education and agile transformation in teaching and learning.

Audience: Educators, students, entrepreneurs, pioneers in education who are interested to embrace the agile mindset.


  • Inculcate the realization as an educator to find innovative solutions to struggles in traditional teaching learning approaches 
  • Motivate to bring about the transformation in teaching and learning to better prepare, engage and retain the students


  • Establishing familiarity with Agile concept and framework
  • Initiating global dialogue among agile practitioners
  • Demonstration of successful application of agile in teaching and learning across disciplines
  • Launching of agile concept in Bangladesh

Benefits of Agile: 

  • Innovative instructional method
  • Proven to improve student engagement and retention
  • Student-centered learning environment
  • Continuous improvement and collaborative learning 

Conference Chairs: Prof. Hana Siddiquee and Dr. Konstantinos Petridis

1. Keynote Presentation, Willy Wijnands (eduScrum) 

2. Prof. Hana Siddiquee (Keynote, Founder, Agile in Education USA)