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New EBFC Trailer

I began my construction career decades ago. I learned about alternative ways of working from people in numerous industries. That changed nearly everything. Now, I’m working with thousands of people to help improve the design and construction industry. I’m sharing my experiences to make your work easier, better, faster, and fun. Others working and helping to improve construction share how on The EBFC Show, a construction podcast.

I’m a Jeff Sutherland trained Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Scrum@Scale Practitioner. I’ve used the framework daily in the construction industry since 2014. You can learn how to adapt Scrum to your work with me.

If you have a question for me, please connect on social media to start a conversation. I daily work with building owners, designers, and construction professionals that transform ideas into beneficial business actions around the globe. If I can’t help, I will definitely connect you with someone that can.

In celebration of gaining over 100 subscribers on YouTube this past week, the team forced Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, with respect, to make a ‘proper’ channel trailer.