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Speaker: Allen Gunderson

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  • March 10, 2021March 16, 2021

Why Wait ‘til Grad School?

We underestimate what youth can comprehend and contribute to the world around us.  The erroneous assumption that these concepts should not be taught until graduate school because youth are too young to understand is embedded in our colonized linear schooling approach that limits students’ abilities and perspectives of what is possible.  Through an Agile, and systems thinking lens, we can open our aperture and see the connections and relationships occurring within complex issues and develop interventions of hope and resilience. This brief workshop explores my high school teaching experiences combining agile teams with the Systems Practice methodology from Plus Acumen and other systems thinking resources.  

Allen is an educator and visitor in L’KWUNGEN & W’SANEC traditional territories who is involved with schools, youth, and sustainability issues. Through a Green MBA in Sustainable Enterprise, BA in Asian Studies, Bachelor of Education, Certified Scrum Master, and U.S. Marine Corps experiences, he brings a unique perspective and passion towards cultivating student centered holistic education systems that work for every student. In short, he helps youth discover their greatness and share it with the world. Success is measured through action and celebrating our failures. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Life is an experiment”, let’s treat it as such.

His teaching career spans from working at California’s most underperforming schools in South Los Angeles to the United States’ most diverse schools in Sacramento, and now with schools in Victoria BC. Most importantly, he takes pride in being a stay-at-home dad during the early years of his two sons’ lives.

Agile, Decolonization, Lean Sustainability Entrepreneurship, UN SDG’s, Systems Thinking, Wellness, Innovation, and Self Determination form the core of his teaching practice.