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Speaker: Britt van Mensvoort

Lightschools: Space and freedom to co-create new possibilities and opportunities

Lightschools is a reimagining of human development and organization. An opportunity to think outside the ‘big box’, providing a new and innovative perspective on living, learning and working. It creates an open structural form in which Students, Teachers, Business Entrepreneurs and Connectors partner up. They co-construct a life-learning path allowing them to become the best version of themselves while facing today’s worldly challenges and creating valuable solutions. Welcome to Lightschools!

Bio: Britt van Mensvoort is the founder & initial creator of Lightschools. Britt is a deep thinker and bridge-builder, who explores outside the created boxes. She considers it her purpose to create new ways allowing people to (re)find their authenticity and empower them to create the change they want to see in the world.