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Speaker: Sarah Paikin

Agile for parents and early childhood programs

Learn how to harness the power of agility, scrum frameworks and agile tools to facilitate learning in early childhood.

Sarah is a lifelong educator, leader and certified Scrum Master. Using her extensive experience in classrooms, training teachers, and running schools, she has gained a deep understanding of the importance and value of learning culture. Sarah founded Agile for Ed in order to harness the power of educational technology, Agile and Scrum in education.  She combines her deep understanding of leading pedagogies such as Reggio, project-based learning, flipped classroom and inquiry-based learning with agility to impact culture in any learning environment.  Agile for Ed supports parents, schools and educators to refine, pivot and adapt to this new age and prepare the 21st century learner with the skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.